The Last Lecture

When I was a kid I used to think there was something divine about radio DJ's. They always knew exactly when I needed to hear a particular song. (Since most radio stations have playlists mapped out weeks/months in advance, the magic of radio has moved me to the comfort of an ipod.)

Although now that I'm spending more time in the library, I've found that librarians have taken over the role of allocating those predetermined life lessons to me.
Last week I walked by a display of books and saw The Last Lecture. I've browsed this book before (it's about a terminally ill professor, Randy Pausch, who wanted to wrap up his career with one more talk) and purposely passed on it because I knew that I'd just start weeping. When I saw the display though, I figured the universe was telling me to finally read this book.

I tend to think that most books are too long and I've recently decided that it's 0kay for me to scan the last chapters of books that are good but need less in them. (I've always had a thing about wasting time.)

That wasn't the case with The Last Lecture. I quickly read it over the course of a few days and I found myself questioning why the story couldn't have been just a little bit longer.

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