The Book Babes

If you love books you need to know about the radio show The Book Babes on WMNF 88.5. It airs once a month (on the third Wednesday). The May episode aired today but you can catch it online (as well as back-episodes) in the WMNF archives.

The books the babes discussed today pertained mostly to gifts to give new graduates, but I've always thought that the feel-good advice given at commencement celebrations is essential for everyone, from non-college grads to those who have left college far behind long ago. (Although I'm happy to be eight years out, I've been able to hold onto that excitement of the "real world" despite its beat downs.
These books are great reminders if you've lost your own excitement somewhere on along your post-college path.)

On the show there was also an author interview with Matthew Syed, who recently wrote Bounce: Mozart, Federer, Picasso, Beckham and the Science of Success. As someone who tends to take on way too much (my life is like a buffet, so said my therapist today), I really appreciated Syed's motto of putting time into doing what you really love instead of spreading yourself too thin all around and never giving yourself the chance to excel.

But the most important thing I got out of today's Book Babes was the quote: You Are What You Read! Priceless. And true.

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