More Interviews with Lonnie Martin

Lonnie's first coffee in Prague. Swiped from Facebook without permission. 
Lonnie Martin landed in Prague yesterday as part of AU's study abroad film program at FAMU. The rest of our classmates who are spending the semester abroad with him are on their way.  
Excerpt from David A. Cook's A History of Narrative Film

So it's a good time to post the rest of our interview. In part four, we talk about the making of Women's Studies and dealing with negative feedback. 

In part five, Lonnie talks about film festivals, rookie filmmaking mistakes, and the business of filmmaking. 

In the final segment, Lonnie talks about his ideal situation being "just enough to get by" and we wrap it all up. 

Check out Lonnie's Prague blog, hosted by Great Society. Prague updates on my blog to follow, so we can all live vicariously.