Everyone's a Critic (Except me. I almost failed film theory.)

Random shot of me fangirling Elvis Mitchell, w/classmate Danielle.
Obviously film school left me no time for this blog. On this the eve of my official grad school graduation, I'm scrambling to finish lots of boring paperwork (and yet still procrastinating). Perfect time to get back to it. 

Part of the paperwork I have to turn in for my thesis film (more on that later!) includes six one-page reaction papers from master class-type events I attended at school and around DC.

As I excavate these events from my email & write them up, I came across a timely one that I wanted to share. Almost a year ago at the National Book Festival, I heard E.L Doctorow speak on a panel about film adaptations. Because I started as a print journalist and aspiring novelist, and have since turned to screenwriting, this panel was special for me, especially in light of Doctorow's passing.

Me & Ann Hornaday working the 2014 AFI Film Festival
So, if you're so bored as to read about a year-old panel with some mighty fine writers (including Ann Hornaday!), I'll just leave this here for ya:

Moderated by Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday, with authors E.L. Doctorow, Alice McDermott, Paul Auster, and Lisa See, who have all seen books they’ve penned become (primarily unsatisfactory) films.