Garbage Day

Another school of thought to which I subscribe is that women don't take the garbage out (this woman anyway). After over a year of living in oblivion of garbage day (make that most of my life), last week I found out just how much we throw away. I couldn't believe it was so little.

I grew up in a family of six people and remember us filling at least one Hefty bag a day. We were lucky enough to live in a township that had a recycling program (yes, even in the 80's!), but we still sent a whole lotta junk to the dump.

Reduce & Reuse

I'm happy to be surprised by my recent observation on the lack of trash produced by my two-person, two-pet household, but it's not cool to see our recycle bin half full of product packaging. After all, if this stuff had never been created in the first place, we wouldn't have to be recycling it.

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