Funding the Change You Wish to See

I'm pretty sure that my perfect job doesn't exist (unless someone can tell me how to make a decent living being creative & helping people). Like the Anti 9-to-5 Guide gal, I left a terrible corporate job in my 20's and never looked back.

Since then I've worked pretty much everywhere: at an organic deli (where I learned to cook), part time at a weekly paper (where I got to write), and when times got tough I changed adult diapers in nursing homes (where I had plenty to write about).

I know how to work hard, it's the working smart thing that I need to really um, work on. So this morning I went to a free class at the downtown library that introduced me to a missing piece: grant writing. I have no problem getting ideas, but good ideas go nowhere without financial backing.

The training room was packed, and I saw some familiar faces of people I currently volunteer with as well as a couple I've worked with in the past. When we went around the room to introduce ourselves, it was kind of a Who's Who of Tampa non-profits. But there were plenty of newbies, like me, who want to get into the business of helping ourselves help others.

Check out the library's events page to find out more info about upcoming Foundation Center and grant writing classes.

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