Life & Bolts: The Journey, Not the Destination

I like to be in the middle
I was a huge hockey fan in junior high school, growing up outside of Philly. 

I admired Manon Rhéaume and wanted to be the first woman in the NHL. Though I realized by the time I was 16, since I still didn't know how to skate, I should face reality and aim for a more viable career (like first woman head writer for SNL or queen of all noncommercial media).  

The Legion of Doom visit Sears Portrait Studio
Me and Lisa & my awesome polenta

Clark Brooks & I prep for the Game 7

I moved to Tampa the year after the Lightning won their only Stanley Cup, and it was pretty exciting to be back in a sports town again after many years of being NHL-free in the states of Delaware and Washington. 

Seems a little counterintuitive (like ice skating in Tampa in January), but we Tampans love our hockey, even when the home team is 1,400 miles away.  

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