The newest Oppelt and his boy parts

Every woman I know who is having a baby, or who recently gave birth, is having a boy. 

Lorrie & her boy 

As Lorrie DiDomenico put it, they all wanted "cute and snuggly and precious" girls. The second-time mom has a two-and-a-half-year-old princess.

"Audrey has this detailed book logging conception to birth and this time I only have the ultrasound pics." 

But once she found out about her forthcoming boy, she did get excited, and added that her partner Dan is "happy to have an ally in this house of girls." 
Jenn Oppelt & me comparing tummies

Jennifer Oppelt already has Alchemy, and is "a lot less worried" with the second pregnancy than she was with the first. 

She's about midway through, and looks forward to a water birth at Breath of Life. "There's no option there for epidurals," she said, and first-time moms might have "a lot of fear around lack of narcotics." But first time mom-to-be Heidi Kurpiela Bardi ain't scared. 

Her due date is less than a month away, and she's also chosen the au naturel path. 
Heidi with cabbage  
Heidi, a writer with two sisters and no brothers figured a baby girl would just be more familiar. But the tomboy remembered back to her days as a camp counselor and how she got along much better with the boys. 

"All the adventures I planned to take with my daughter," Heidi recently wrote me, "I can absolutely take with my son." 

Cristina with Henry & Carter (or is it Carter & Henry?)
Not to be outdone, Cristina and Dave had two boys. They're first time parents and desperately want music for their offspring that's as hip as they are. (I've recommended Pancake Mountain. Any more suggestions for them?) 

And not to leave out furry babies, Kim Finn Weaver recently adopted Dusty from Hillsborough Animal Services on Faulkenberg Road. 

According to Kim:
Last year they had 22,000 animals in their care (down from 36,000 in prior years). The shelter has had significant budget cuts over the past 3 years and now relies on 85-115 volunteers per week to help with grooming and exercising of the animals, etc. 
Dusty has a home!
Kim & Bear
The good boy, estimated to be two years old, came home with kennel cough and a prescription to heal it, so he'll be better soon.  

Then he'll get to meet his new brother, 9-year-old Bear, also a rescued dog. 

Happy Mom's Day!

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