Jesus Was Homeless

 One of my (many) jobs includes working p/t at the library. I interact with homeless people daily. Some crazy, some awesome, some crazy awesome. 

A few keep to themselves but most wave to me and smile as I go about my duties. So many of the familiar faces are happy to chat when we pass on downtown streets or even when I'm stopped at a red light in my car and they're on the corner panhandling. 
Isn't there a famous quote that goes something like: the value of a nation is reflected in how they treat their most vulnerable citizens...?
With all the hubbub in the past few months on banning panhandling in Tampa, there sure has been a shortage of voices from homeless folks. I was determined to change that. 

So I called a few social service agencies around town. Metropolitan Ministries referred me to a young single mother of two who was near graduation from their transitional housing program. 

As far as I can see the family is now getting the chance to live their happy ending, which is very heartening considering the hell they've lived through. 

When your life does not provide you with a safety net, thank goodness we have places like Metro Min. 

You can get your hands on my story in Friday's St. Petersburg Times (Tampa edition). Or online here

Also, Metro Min is always looking to build relationships with new landlords offering affordable rent. For more info, contact Kelly Fuller at 813-209-1053 or email 

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