HEAL is a new networking group for young professionals (in any field) sponsored by the University Community Hospital's Foundation Center. 

Tuesday morning the group met for a breakfast lecture at Pepin Heart Hospital with medical director Dr. Charles Lambert. It was an amazing opportunity not only to chat with other professionals but also get a morning biology lesson from one of Tampa's top medical minds.

It was eye opening to hear Dr. Lambert say, "exercise is just as effective as cholesterol lowering medication." He also talked about how overweight our country has become, especially our children, and the costs we'll all face in a few years when their health care problems will cost us all. 

Some causes Lambert cited are the cancellation of P.E. and health classes, unhealthy school lunches and overall lack of physical activity. 

When Dr. Lambert started to make a connection between health and education I realized I had interviewed his wife, Bonnie Lambert of Madison Middle School, last December for the St. Petersburg Times.

It's a small, small world with a web of interconnected problems.

The next HEAL meeting is Tuesday, April 5 at 12pm.  It's a lunch & learn at Pepin Heart hospital. For more information email Foundation Coordinator Rachel Coleman at

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