24th Annual Children’s Mental Health Research and Policy Conference

Russian researcher Irina Vainer 
If a conference has health, research or policy in its title, I'm usually drooling with excitement at the thought. I love learning about what other people are learning about, and innovating and creating.

I'm happily doing a couple of stories this week for WMNF on USF's 24th Annual Children’s Mental Health Research and Policy Conference. I produced one story so far on Monday's newscast, and the next should air on Friday, barring any more natural disasters. 

Educator & HCZ's CEO Geoffrey Canada
I'm not an academic by any means, but I'm so curious about the process of how research grows from one person's neat idea to something real and useful, and if the idea/person is really lucky and perseveres, how it (eventually) weaves itself into the structure of our daily lives.

Not all research, of course, hits the real world. But being around all those concepts and creative thinkers/inventors is still such a thrill.

USF Pres. Judy Genshaft introduces Keynote Speaker Geoffrey Canada. Also pictured, L-R: Dr. Mario Hernandez and his two mentees Kristen Robinson Carolissa Salcedo, Canada, Sandra Spencer, MaryEllen Elia, Luann Panacek 

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