Is There Any News in Your News?

Even back to the days of Ed Murrow, television news had a rep for being lame, uninformative, and tainted by advertisers. Local news at worst can be harmful (does that half hour of crime and punishment really convey what your town is like?), and national news irrelevant (more Michael Jackson, anyone?). But recently I've come to love the NBC Nightly News w/ Brian Williams, especially their Making a Difference segment, which highlights do-gooders in this current hard economic climate.

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  1. I'm with you, Dawn. I've always loved the 'Making a Difference' segments, as they always end the half-hour of news on an up-beat.

    However, it hardly makes up for the other 22 minutes of skim they pass off as news. It's what I learn on WMNF, via it's public affairs programming, that makes me realize how awful the networks actually are at covering 'the news.'

    Thanks for all you do!