While layoffs and high unemployment make life rough for us working (or wanting to work) folk, there's plenty of people unable to take care of themselves at all, at any given time. Services in place to help the neediest are struggling with "across the board cuts to Florida's most vulnerable citizens - seniors and kids." So said Michelle Cyr, Advocacy Program Coordinator for AARP Florida last week at an open house in St. Pete.

Below, Cyr wrote about the issues the AARP is currently taking on.

The severe downturn in the economy and the rapidly-rising cost of health care in America may be putting your retirement security at risk. AARP staff and volunteers are working with President Obama and Congress to generate the relief Americans need. Whether it’s fighting for affordable health care, lower prescription drug prices, or strengthening Social Security, our goal is to make issues that affect you a priority for our leaders. By taking a stand together, we will have the legislative strength necessary to fight for real and meaningful change. For more information about what AARP is doing in Florida visit or call 1-866-595-7678.

AARP can help those 50+ train & find a job, get free tax help, and more. They're currently seeking volunteer advocates (spokespeople on issues such as long term care, predatory mortgage lending, and Social Security), and Health Action Now volunteers.

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