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I was new to Tampa in the spring of 2005 and quickly found WMNF on the radio dial. Ready to get involved, I emailed Carrie Core, who was then the brand new volunteer coordinator. She called me back in 15 minutes, and by the end of the week I was in the station for the first time. Since then, I've done a little of everything: manned outreach tables at events, ticket taker at shows, producer, editor, reporter, early morning DJ & sub. The time I've been able to give the station as a volunteer has waxed and waned over the years, but it remains an important part of my life (and not just because I met my husband there ;)

Here's a few words from Carrie herself:

WMNF volunteers are the heart and soul of this radio station. We wouldn't and couldn't exist without them. Volunteers do everything from stuffing envelopes to hosting radio shows. If you truly desire a multicultural environment, you will find it here at the station. Our volunteers are a reflection of the variety of shows that we have on the air. So if you are a student who needs to spice up your resume, or need the community service hours for your Bright Futures Scholarship, if you
are retired or presently out of work with some hours to spare, you might want to check us out.

In other WMNF news, from Development Director Laura Taylor (via the WMNF website): WMNF is honoring Vicki Santa, our longtime and late station manager, who was the main force behind our new radio station building.

We are naming our main air-studio in her memory. On July 21st, WMNF will dedicate the Vicki Santa Memorial Studio beginning at 6pm with a live studio performance from Sonia of the group Disappear Fear. Mary Glenney of the Women's Show will emcee the concert. Sonia will also appear with Amy Snider on Sonic Detour between 4 and 6 pm. From 7 to 9pm, Ed Greene and the Freak Show will feature the naming ceremony and dedicate the entire program to Vicki.

Those who want to see Sonia will be seated on a first-come basis. The whole community is invited to our station for a potluck from 6 to 9pm. More at 813-238-8001.

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  1. Yes! When we moved here a couple years back, I was so excited to find a Tampa station that aired the Democracy Now show. Now we both listen to WMNF.