No (reason for) Depression

The hubby and I have been volunteering a lot lately at WMNF. I'm currently unemployed, so I've got plenty of time on my hands. I've always preferred to work for free rather than waste time at a boring/useless job for good money. Not that I can really afford to be unemployed for much longer, but I'll enjoy this "free" time while I've got it.

We sat in this morning for the ND Hour, the Americana/alt country show on 88.5 WMNF. (The playlist is below, and you can stream the show online for the next week.) We took noncommercial radio to new levels, I tell ya. We played lots of current folks who get very little recognition but deserve more face/ear time than the hacks that make millions. I've included some links if you want to check out these artists for yourself. There's nothing like the feeling of finding a new favorite.

ND Hour Playlist for May 25, 2009

Artist -- Track -- Album/CD
Ramsay Midwood -- When God Dips His Pen -- Popular Delusions
johnny cash -- Last night I had the strangest dream -- At Madison Square Garden
Mae West -- Little Bar Butterfly -- Come Up And See Me
Jesse Winchester -- I'm Lookin' For A Miracle -- Best Of
Rich Whitely -- A Good Talkin' To -- Ruby Fizz
Louvin Brothers -- Great Atomic Power -- Hillbilly Music, Thank God
Kasey Chambers -- We're All Gonna Die -- The Captain
Marshall Chapman -- Leaving Lochapoka --
Ben Vaughn -- Ava Gardner Blues -- Hit The Hay
Maura O'Connell -- Ireland -- Real Life Story
Dave Alvin -- Haley's Comet -- Blue Blvd
David Lindley -- Mercury Blues -- El Rayo X
Michael Nesmith -- More Of Shelly's Blue

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