I Wish I Had a Che Guevara Gap T-Shirt

Ronny put together an awesome do-gooder playlist. (I just took the GRE & was studying for the last coupla weeks. I did terrible, but at least I developed a love for math in the process. Thank you, Danica McKellar!)

This week Ronny and I watched Reds, an 80's movie written and directed by Warren Beatty. It's about a journalist who wants to be part of the Russian revolution beyond just writing about it. Of course the revolutionaries become as bad as, if not worse than, the powers they overthrow. It's disheartening: humans doing the same horrible things again and again.

But I found hope (again) in our leftist folk show playlist. You can stream it online for the next week. Happy listening!

Artist -- Track -- Album/CD

Grandpa Jones -- Turn Your Radio On -- Great Country Gospel
Josh Rouse -- It's The Nighttime -- Nashville
Jimmy Driftwood -- Soul Of A Man --
Tractors -- My Blue Heart -- Trade Union
Bazza -- Bullet Through The Heart -- I Dream Of Beavers
Elvis Perkins -- doomsday -- Dearland
Billy Bragg -- Power In A Union --
Ramblin' Jack Elliott -- Richland Women Blues -- A Stranger Here
Birmingham Jug Band -- Giving It Away -- Ruckus Juice
Dave Alvin -- Dynamite Woman -- Keep Your Soul
Blind Alfred Reed -- How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live -- Poor Man's Heaven
Delbert McClinton -- Texas Me -- Keep Your Soul
Blind Willie McTell -- I Keep On Drinkin' --
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby -- Here Comes My Ship -- Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry -- Down By The Riverside -- Sun's Gonna Shine
Carter Family -- Cuban Soldier -- A Proper Introduction
Folk Uke -- Knock Me Up -- Folk Uke
Arlo Guthrie -- Strangest Dream -- All over the world
Ukelele Ike -- That's My Weakness Now -- Singin' In The Rain
Marie Burns -- Droppin' Like Flies -- Free Little Bird
Bob Dylan -- I Feel A Change Comin' On -- Together
Jesse Winchester -- That's What Makes You Strong -- Gentleman of Leisure
Leonard Cohen -- Tower Of Song -- More Best Of
dan reeder -- No One Will Laugh -- Dan reeder
The Flatlanders -- Love's Own Chains -- Hills And Valleys
Donovan -- Universal Soldier --
Ronny Elliott -- War Scarred Horses -- Valentine Roadkill
Duckbutter -- Mountain Dream Song --
Dave Alvin -- Marie Marie -- And The Guilty Women

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