ND Hour playlist 4.06.09

My hubby and I hosted the ND Hour this morning. You can listen to it online for the next seven days. Here's the playlist:

Artist -- Track -- Album/CD
Ramsay Midwood -- Planet Nixon -- Popular Delusions
June Carter Cash -- I Used To Be Somebody -- Press On
Alabama 3 -- Hello...I'm Johnny Cash --
Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash -- Mountain Dew --
Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion -- Cease Fire -- Exploration
Doug Sahm -- Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Amsterdam -- Get A Life
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down -- That'll Learn Ya,
Dan Reeder -- Three Chords -- Dan Reeder
Burns Sisters -- Bring Them Home -- Wild Bouquet
Larry Murray -- Dakota -- Sweet Country Suite
MG Greaves -- Fight Of The Century -- Fight Of The Century
Walt Bucklin -- Why Baby Why -- Hit The Hay
Carlene Carter -- Every Little Thing --
Bob Geldof -- A Gospel Song -- Vegetarians Of Love
Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys -- Strike A Match And Light Another -- Albion Doowah

Ronny picked out most of the music; lots of our mutual favorites (Ramsay Midwood, Walt Bucklin) and stuff I'm not that familiar with but he knew I'd like. The Burns Sisters for example, did a great peace song, which was a good follow up to last night's Woody Guthrie tribute show.

I was so overwhelmed at the half-full Tampa Theatre. ($30 ticket for a Guthrie inspired show?! I wish it had been free and open to all.) Obviously one of the biggest reasons to love Ronny is his anti-war stance, and there was a peaceful relief over the audience last night, as if we're all getting used to the idea that we are not going to wake up from this Obama dream, he is real, the other shoe is not going to drop. We have thoughtful, smart people leading us again - the sensitive progressives who love all people and living things don't have to live in fear of random acts of horror and cruelty in the name of this country.

Most of the audience was celebratory, but I, and a few others, were sad too. Overwhelmed. Everything coming undone regarding the war and the economy is a result of greed and all the other ugly sides of being human. Guthrie's words and songs were from another era, and thank goodness the good company I keep has exposed me to it. I'm naive enough to think it's powerful enough to save the world, although it sure hasn't yet. Although, perhaps, just my world, and that's as good as anything.

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