2012 (Prison) Reading List

One week from today, after 10 long years, my brother will get another chance at being a productive member of society.  
This is the third year I've blogged the list of books I've sent him, and kinda like the third child, I've forgotten to keep track of them this time around. 
(Bad joke, although my brother is the third of three children...) The books pictured are the ones I've managed to remember. 

Ex-cons face great odds, of course, not usually having been rehabilitated in prison. There's few resources on the outside to keep them on task, and plenty of bad habits to pick up again.  
I know he now thinks about the consequences of his actions, and hope that will lead him to make better decisions.

And somehow, despite all the horrors he experienced on the inside, he's managed to grow up into a pretty decent man. 
There were a few years early on when I didn't think that possible, he was so broken and abused. 
Something weekly to help pass the time. 
And fortunately he'll come home to a family more prepared to help than we were when he first started on his spiral downward. 
Many ex-cons are not so lucky to have such support. 
Something grounding for the soul. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this info about the books you provided to your brother. I'm an instructor at the Jacksonville Public Library's Center for Adult Learning where we do some literacy and GED outreach to the Corrections' transition housing and jail. Our focus is some of the lower level readers, but your insight is helpful.

  2. Glad it helped, Katie. Sounds like a great program there in Jacksonville.