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President Reagan and Sandra Day O'Connor
President Reagan and his Supreme Court Justice nominee Sandra Day O'Connor at the White House
In 2009 retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor founded iCivics as a resource for teachers & students. It's brimming with free educational materials and games. 

Today she was on C-SPAN speaking about the importance of civics education for our youth: 
 “Young people need to know how our government works and how they are part of it. It isn’t self evident. And in schools today, I don’t think it’s widely taught. And young people want to know how to be effective. They want to know their role as citizens and how to make things happen at the local level, at the state level, and national level. 
And iCivics tries to do that, tries to help young people develop their own proposals and programs, and learn in the process more about how government works." 
Iowa's Senator Grassley concurred:  
“I believe that all citizens in a democracy benefit from the participation of informed and active citizens.” 
Yet he doesn’t believe the federal government should “develop and mandate civic standards,” so I don’t know how he’d like to encourage a more civically engaged citizenship...

As much as I like hearing all of this talk, I'd prefer to see more action. 

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