Green Deviled Eggs

I'm morally opposed to mayonnaise. It reminds me of lard in a jar.   

Also, since my childhood I've been grossed out by the way other kids chew their tuna or chicken salad sammies with open mouths, mayo up to their gums. [gak!] 

Before this weekend I've rarely eaten & have never made deviled eggs, but since one can't have a BBQ without them, I caved and bought a tube of mayo.

Green eggs, hold the ham. 
As I started to squeeze it over of the yolks of my beautiful hard-boiled organic eggs, I just couldn't continue. There had to be an alternative. 

What has a similar consistency but is nutritious and delicious? Ripe avocados, duh. Mmm! 

I'm pretty creative but these green deviled eggs are among my top 10 best ideas of all time. Of course, like any good idea, a million others thought of it first. But that's neither here nor there. 

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