Writing Resources: Publishing in the 21st Century

As a writer who continues to look for new avenues of writing income & outlets for my work, I found this program, Publishing in the 21st Century, educational and inspiring. It was from the L.A. Times Festival of Books in April and aired on C-SPAN over the weekend. 

Publisher Johnny Temple spoke about success in writing not being the next Danielle Steel franchise (my words, not his), but being able to sell seven or eight thousand copies. 

The days of "making it" as any kind of artist seem to be as much of a joke as the American Dream - and I say that as both an artsy type and a former loan processor for a big, irresponsible American bank. 

Writers shouldn't stop producing just because the carrot appears to be a little less golden. Can't eat gold anyway.

Topics addressed in the panel include self-publishing, e-books, submitting, and more. 

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