New Year, Same Ol' You

I'm a big cheerleader for the YMCA because of its affordability, programs, and numerous locations. I've been a member for a year and a half and have maintained a healthy, stable weight since a few months in. (My weight fluctuated dramatically throughout my 20's due to various eating disorders.)

My favorites include walking and jogging, but as we know Tampa isn't the safest place to be a pedestrian, so I go to the Y.

I also love yoga for its strength-building, concentration, and mind-body connection, but being on a budget usually prohibits me from doing all the yoga I crave weekly. Again, at the Y, all the yoga, pilates, and spinning classes I desire are included in the membership.

Making physical fitness a part of your daily or weekly routine is the best and most inexpensive method of health care, especially if you're uninsured.

It's great for the heart, body, mood, community. And wallet. For the month of January, the Y is waiving their joining fee. Check out their website for the Y nearest you.

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