Movements are Made, Not Born

Added 1/21/11: I failed to mention that Madison Middle School is in desperate need of beige/khaki pants & shorts for both girls and boys in all sizes. If you are able to donate funds or gently used clothing, contact Bonnie Lambert at Madison or send me an email.

I rarely get feedback from my writing. At best: "Good story, good work!" Which I like, of course. But that doesn't tell me if what I wrote did any good.

Last night I had the somewhat rare opportunity to follow up with the subjects of a previous story.

Linda Broyd, of the Karma Mama's giving circle I wrote about last month, invited me to her home for their January monthly meeting.

I listened to them chat about vacations and kids over glasses of wine and spinach spanakopita, then they sat down and got to business.

To be a 501(c)(3) or not to? Commit to Madison Middle School for the next couple of years, or just this year? Fundraisers, clothing donations, and more.

They worked out their short term goals in about an hour and a half. I left Linda's house thinking this evening could just have easily not taken place. These 10 ladies don't have to give their time or their own money away, but they do.

Linda also told me that after the story ran in the paper last month, two women from separate ends of Tampa Bay contacted her and have since formed their own giving circles. Now that's the kind of news I like to hear.

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