Mad, Mad World

I took a walk around downtown Tampa Friday afternoon. I didn't run into any friends and I had lunch alone, but I've increasingly felt a deepening connection to this (relatively) small city lately.

I know it has something to do with not just recognizing the faces of my frequent library patrons, from the well-off to the homeless, but also knowing their names and learning a little more about them each time I come to work.

My definition of community is always maintaining a sense of togetherness, not just getting together to enjoy the easy times or to weather the tragedies.

I think it's that sense of continued connection that helps prevent the ugliest human re/actions, and keeps us neighbors/strangers looking after one another.

Still, those terrible things do happen: Wars rage on overseas and within individuals. Is there a way to stop any of the violence without making more violence? Who of us is going to try?

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  1. No. If you have people you will have violence. You can't stop another person from doing anything you can only concentratre on your own behaviour. Sad to say...human nature.