Equal Opportunity

There's nothing like a quiet morning of shelving books in the 800 section of the library to remind you of the mistakes you've made in life. Books that loudly say "I told you so," because I should have (would have could have) read them in high school or college but had some beer/boy/zzz's to catch that seemed so much more pressing at the time.

I was on my own through much of school and it was so hard for me emotionally and financially that the lifelong learning college is supposed to inspire was lost on me. (Although I do thank Mike the Media Prof for introducing me to what would become lifelong passions: people like Chomsky and McChesney, as well as for nurturing my anti-Disney/Clear Channel attitude).

What college really taught me was how to get by: on not enough sleep or studying or money. I like to say that at least I learned to be resourceful (after all I found a school with no math requirement so I didn't have to face up to my math fear ever again.) But I've become familiar with the harm that my avoidance caused me in the long run.

Thankfully I'm much smarter now than I was back then, and still "resourceful." For example, when people ask me what school I went to, they think I say Wellesley when I really said Wesley (who am I to correct them?). Incidentally, my former roomie, also living in Florida and a Disney employee, recently fessed up to the same sin.

But back to the library. Its volumes are available to everyone equally (though you have to make the effort to find what you want, and there are brilliant librarians to help you out there). As I work these mundane tasks, I feel like I'm getting my education for real this time. And I am so happy to be getting to know such awesome librarians, two words that are synonymous in my book.

photos (starting at top): Me and roomie Linz in our 10X10 domicile. Me and Mike at graduation.

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