Imagine What Could Be

I think the basis of being a do-gooder is living a life that you love, whether you're doing work that helps or inspires others, or simply working to inspire and help yourself. In the past year, like many of my fellow Americans, I've been underemployed. Yet I couldn't let myself become idle or bored because that road for me leads right to depression.

To keep myself busy, I volunteered to do research at USF, be an audio describer at the Straz, and shelve books at my local library. All lead to paying positions within weeks, which is pretty lucky if you don't take into account that I've been volunteering since I was a Brownie, working since I was 16, and this year being the first my volunteering karma got me hired.

As someone who is prone to taking crappy jobs (because sometimes a bad job is better than no job), for once I'm lucky enough to have the luxury of getting paid to do work I would have - and have - done for free.

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