I ♥ the Library

Happy National Library Week!

At 10-years old I loved going to the library for its infinite possibilities. At 20, my college librarians were my closest friends but I was overwhelmed by the choices and amount of books I'd never get to read so I barely picked up any books at all. Now post-30, I'm closer to the curious kid I used to be.
I'm no longer afraid of what I won't get to, and I revel and cherish the things I do.

On Friday I'll launch a weekly segment called Library Stories, a wrap up of the things I've come across while at work or randomly pulled from the insides of books.

But for now - get out to your local library! In Hillsborough County almost every branch is throwing some kind of party to celebrate books, reading, and community.

To name a few:
Monday in Riverview: screening a film on book burning
Tuesday in Sulphur Springs: the brand new branch is offering a tour and refreshments
Wednesday at Upper Tampa Bay there's an ice cream social
Thursday the West Tampa branch is showcasing its history

Go here to find your Hillsborough County branch.

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