Across the Universe in Tampa

Growing up I had a typical but terrible case of a condition I dubbed "all alone in the universe." (Actually I wasn't able to really shake myself out of it until I was 30.) I occasionally take a step back into it when I think of the horrible sides of humanity - wars, greed, people not taking care of each other. What really saves me are the signs I now see everywhere: a passage in a book:

"Just what should a young man or woman know in order to be "in the know"? Is there, in other words, some inside information, some special taboo, some real lowdown on life and existence that most parents and teachers either don't know or won't tell?"
Sharing one of my favorite movies, Ghost World, with my husband, only to discover that one of his favorite documentaries, Crumb, was made by the same director.

And all the links to people we know around Tampa Bay. For example, Ronny wrote a song about the little known wrestler Gorgeous George (whose antics inspired many well known athletes and performers) several years ago. Coincidentally, Gorgeous George recently got his first biography by Tampa resident John Capouya, professor of journalism at the University of Tampa. On Monday he leads a free discussion on his book at the Reeves Theater at 6 p.m.

With people like this in the universe, how can one ever be alone?

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  1. Yeah can you tell us how? If you love yourself you are NEVER alone you are with yourself.