Things Not Normally Heard on the Radio

Inspired music and informative public affairs not propelled by PR firms and a broken music/media industry...Which is why community and public radio are priceless. Of course, it's not free, so throw your favorite station a bone every once in while to keep its lights on and transmitter running.

Ronny and I subbed for the alt-country ND Hour this morning on WMNF. Check it out in the archives for the next week. Here's the playlist:

Hank Penny Bloodshot Eyes Hillbilly Be-Bop
Bob Dylan Boogie Woogie Country Girl Til The Night Is Gone
Sam Baker Mennonite Cotton
Conner Oberst I Don't Want To Die
Cowboy Jack Clement Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
Kris Kristofferson Let The Walls Come Down Closer To The Bone
Don Gibson Sea Of Heartbreak RCA Country Legends
Doug Sahm Get A Life Get A Life
Tom Russell Criminology Blood And Candle Smoke
Iris Dement Gospel Ship Lifeline
Jesse Winchester That's What Makes You Strong
Wes McGhee Train Time Wes McGhee
Ramsay Midwood Hobo Man
Woody Guthrie Bad Repetation My Dusty Road

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