Everybody Loves Jules II

Jules played his own benefit show last weekend at the Whistle Stop Bar & Grill in Safety Harbor. Sick with cancer, his health insurance premium doubled, though they didn't drop him. (Does that make him a best case scenario?) His son Joe, 25, has been working with Jules as a mortgage lender since he graduated from USF in '06. (Jules takes the apps, Joe does the rest.)

Last Saturday, Joe chatted with me about his dad and the tough financial times.
"It got scary when we realized we couldn't meet our end...what are you gonna do? Keep the lights on or make sure the health insurance is paid?"

Below is a short video I produced of the benefit show, including the interview with Joe. (It'll also be available on Vimeo later tonight.)

Ronny Elliott and avid WMNF
volunteer Bert Gunthner

Kathy Stafford

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