Colombians and Gringos

I met my friend Jim De Mauro a few years ago when we were both FMOPA volunteers. 

Tonight is the opening of a month-long photo exhibit at the Carrollwood Cultural Center that is dear to his heart & family. 

Jim's lovely wife Martha, who passed away earlier this year, was previously married to the son of Colombian photojournalist Daniel Rodriguez. She remained close to her former father-in-law, and continued to visit him in Colombia with Jim and her son Carlos.

Jim said he'd scour through thousands of Daniel's photos, and one day advised him to write down the names of all the people in them. 

When Daniel passed away, Carlos received box upon box of photos, all neatly inscribed with the time, place and people featured in each one. 

With the help of their supportive community, Carlos & Jim are giving Daniel's work its first American appearance. 

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