With the Kony explosion and the continued Occupy Movement and North Carolina's celebration of a slew of people's inability to get married, Jobsite Theater's Race is a very timely play

It encompasses gender equality and classism as well as racial disparity & discrimination. 
Jobsite co-founder & Race's director David M. Jenkins looks on during a recent rehearsal.

Written by David Mamet in
2009, it has a similar ring to 1960's To Kill a Mockingbird, but with significantly more four-letter words.

Doesn't anything move forward? 
Actors Ned Averill-Snell"ranney", Paul Potenza and Tia Jemison

Race opens Thursday, May 10 and runs until May 27th, with a preview on Wednesday, May 9. 

On Sunday May 13, there's a panel following the show. From the Jobsite website:
 This panel on race relations in America will include Dr. Abraham Khan (USF Depts. of Communication, Africana Studies), noted author and professor Dr. Roy Kaplan, Alisha Menzies (USF Dept. of Communication) and director David M. Jenkins. 

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