Fragile but Beautiful Life

Not very long ago I broke a decade+ long cycle of chronic depression. 

On my "best" days, my high and low moods changed faster than the front-runner for the 2012 GOP nomination

Most days though, I walked around in a daze wondering what life was for.    

Stuff I like. 

          It took a couple of years of regular therapy before I accepted the fact that my behavior was not normal. As in unhealthy. 

Though life is not easy, there are ways to make it less difficult. 

Fake bike. Real happy. 

Seek them out. Ask for help. 

Mental health can be fragile, and common problems easy to ignore: addiction, PTSD, anxiety and more. The consequences of wasted time and life are far too expensive.

They can't be resolved by the passage of time or a winning football game or more love from Mom. 

Still, they can be healed. 


  1. Life is love and laughter and joy. I hope that you always have your share and then some.

  2. I love the picture of you on the bike... you really do look happy :-D