Dear Next Boyfriend: Please Be Ryan Gosling

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Feminist Ryan Gosling

When I worked at the public library, the assistants &  librarians alike were all pretty choosy about the books and other media we consumed.

Me: Do you like Nicholas Sparks?
Former County Librarian: No! Well, I don't know. Never read any of his books. But I'll watch The Notebook.

There's just too much good stuff to be distracted by the less than pristine.

Conversely, my BFF, a book/movie critic, once tutted me when I railed on about crappy entertainment & light-hearted fare. She pointed out that fluff has a purpose too.

I push myself because I'd like to be more informed than I am. I want to read every book on the Iraq invasion so that I can explain to my (thus far unconceived) children what we did wrong so they can attempt to make it right.

We live in an increasingly superficial culture where strangers can bond in the grocery store line as they bash quickie celebrity marriages, but they fail to hold their politicians & business leaders accountable for bad decisions that affect us all.

That makes me want to work harder to pick up the slack. But by necessity, I have come around to see my BFF's point. As a wise woman once sang:

I can't carry it all/I got a lotta troubles of my own

When the weight of life gets heavy, I'd rather just float around in the shallow end of the pool.

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