Hampton, David and Lee Hinkle, a Floridian musician who got away
Maybe you should come up with a better name for Tampa art. (This is why I'm not in marketing.) 

When I moved here 6.5 or so years ago, I immediately recognized that this place was bubbling with artsy stuff. 

Sure I hadn't wanted to leave Seattle. I'd even set my sights on Austin or San Francisco, but Florida's low cost of living ultimately won out. (On bad days, I'm reminded you get what you pay for.) 

But our art is priceless. 

No one in town knows that better than T. Hampton Dohrman and David Jenkins

For those of you not in the know (and you totally should be), Hampton is an outstanding supporter and organizer of arts events. 

He co-created Philanthropic Young Tampa Bay to inspire people like me (so I like to think) and keep us youngins' from migrating to Brooklyn and other fancy places with excellent public transportation. 

Awarding microgrants to artists is among PYT's work, and David is one of the panelists who helps give money away. He's also a founder of Jobsite Theatre

"We always bounce ideas off each other," David said about Hampton. They both travel often to see what's going on in other cities. "By virtue of it being D.C. or New York, a lot more people will show up and media will report on it." 

Hampton, David and I agree that what's going on here is pretty quality stuff. We may be underpaid and under the radar but at least we're having fun. And creating and enjoying amazing art. 

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