Yoga Babes (& Babies)

I can be a little hard on Tampa sometimes, wishing it were bigger, more cosmopolitan. Some place else. 

Though there's plenty of history, much of it has been paved over by fatter times. Luckily the future is all around and begs us to do right. 

Of course part of this city's appeal is that we who live here are busy making it what we want.

A couple of weekends ago I attended a yoga-themed baby shower (top that Seattle!). 

White sugar isn't bad if buried in a cupcake.
Jennifer Oppelt, the featured mommy-to-be (for the second time), is one of the most healthful and wellness-conscious ladies around. 

It helps that her mother is Denise O'Dunn, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and the owner of Balance & Bliss, a healing arts practice currently housed at the Lotus Pond

Denise led the all-ages group of gals in yoga and then the Motherhood Blessingway, a ceremony celebrating Jenn's new path.

We threw a ball of yarn (like girls) around the circle, gently wrapping the string around the wrist of one before sending it on to another. 
Finally we clipped the yarn and tied them into bracelets, to remind ourselves of Jenn and her journey.

Mine fell off a week later, but I no longer needed the reminder. 

Ties are often invisible and distant while still remaining strong.


  1. Love this post! And yoga and new life just go so perfectly together. What a great baby shower idea.

  2. I still have my thread tied for Jennifer; but I tied it around my ankle after we finished the web. Cute post.