Week of Health

We are smack in the middle of National Public Health Week and Thursday is World Health Day

College of Public Health has a bunch of activities going on this week (calendar here), from bike safety to film screenings to blood donation. Public health really is the whole shebang. 

I love this year's slogan "Safety is NO Accident." Many moons ago I trained to be a bus driver in the suburbs of Seattle.  I still remember how adamant my trainer was about referring to accidents as crashes. He said there was no such thing as an accident, and because we were the professionals and the biggest vehicle on the roads, we had to drive so well that we'd be able to prevent bad drivers from crashing into us. 

It sounded unreasonable at first, but I'd come to appreciate the accountability of the dedicated bus drivers. I'm a pretty responsible driver today because of them. 


  1. Years ago I was the supervisor of the Crash Reports Unit in the North Carolina DMV. We always referred to motor vehicle "accident" reports as crash reports for the same reason - every crash was caused by the deliberate choice of one or more drivers. Thanks for all the great information you share!

  2. Thank you! And I love the photos on your blog!