Counting Your Blessings (and Christmas Cards)

Among the many grown-up tasks I've been unsuccessful at getting a jumpstart on in my ever-increasing years is sending out holiday cards. As one of the few remaining letter writers left in this country, it's not a total stretch for me so I'm not sure why it's such a challenge.

I sure love getting them (even if I feel guilty and undeserving). They come from new friends, old friends, my husband's colleagues, my own mother, and unexpected and far away places.

But I guess that's the spirit of Christmas - giving love without expectation.

As the clock ticks closer, I found myself at the Hallmark store downtown this afternoon poring over pretty cards and imagining what I'd write in them. Despite my anti-consumer bent, I purchased a few and sent them right off.

'Tis the season to not hide your love away.

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