Just Do Me Like That

A public service announcement from Flee (aka BFF of the Tampa Bay music scene):


WHEREAS, WMNF and BAAMO jointly partner to foster responsible adulation of the works of TOM PETTY and the HEARTBREAKERS and all related solo and side projects heretofore referred to as TOM PETTY; and

WHEREAS, 2010 will be the first year, to honor TOM PETTY and his incredible rockness: and

WHEREAS, NATIONAL TOM PETTY WEEK will be widely celebrated throughout the United States; and

WHEREAS, all the music of TOM PETTY, videos, books, Facebook postings and tweets will be honored and plentiful in their volume; and

WHEREAS, the theme for the 2010 Proclamation is “JUST DO ME LIKE THAT”; and

WHEREAS, WMNF and BAAMO represent the fictional character “The Last DJ” that “plays what he wants to play” Neither bowing to corporate pressure and are supported one listener and concert attendee at a time; and

WHEREAS, both WMNF and BAAMO present a concert in tribute to TOM PETTY on Saturday October 23rd in honor of TOM PETTY WEEK and TOM PETTY’S 60th birthday; and

WHEREAS, 17 bands from the Tampa Bay area gather together to play the music of TOM PETTY. Each band doing their versions of 3 TOM PETTY songs. Representing approximately 50 classic songs over a 6 hour period; and

WHEREAS, the tribute to TOM PETTY named Just Do Me Like That, will commence at 5pm with music of TOM PETTY starting at 6pm sharp and continue to the hour of midnight; and

WHEREAS, the musical tribute to TOM PETTY will take place at Skipper’s Smokehouse on Skipper Rd in Tampa, FL; and

WHEREAS, tickets to the tribute are available in advance at 813-238-8001, and WMNF ticket outlets. Advance price of $12/Door price $15; and

WHEREAS, all proceeds go to WMNF and BAAMO if TOM PETTY fans cannot make the show, donations to keep non-commercial WMNF and non-profit BAAMO alive can be sent to: BAAMO and WMNF Or 813-238-8001 during business hours.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of Tom Pettyness to be affixed on this 15th day of October, in the year two thousand ten.


Music Director-WMNF


(Times and bands subject to change)
6:006:12Baker Bruce Band
6:206:32The Loving Thorns
6:406:52Sandy Atkinson & The True Loves
7:007:12Steve Vaclavik and The Woeful Ones
7:207:32Briar Hill
7:407:52Too Many Subplots
8:008:12The Baker Act
8:208:32MVP Band
8:408:52Experimental Pilot
9:009:12The Punctual Hippies
9:209:32Hat Trick Heroes
10:0010:12Will Quinlan
10:2010:32Ricky Wilcox and the Moonsnakes
10:4010:52Steve Connelly and the Lesser Gods
11:0011:12Alexander & the Grapes
11:2011:40Charming Devils

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