All You Need is Love. And Tolerance.

On this Wednesday, August 18th, LGBT couples in California may be legally allowed to marry once again. (The next thing you know people will want to marry across races, castes, and, in my case, generations.)

My divorce was also scheduled for that day. Until I chose to run toward my commitment and chase away my inner demons instead. Of course I should have gotten rid of those ghosts of childhood trauma past before sharing my life with someone, but neither close friends nor self love and even therapy couldn't set me on the right path toward healing. A particular someone though did give me the strength and support I needed to begin to get over my past while also helping me revel in the present moment.

A good marriage is a bond that makes two people stronger than their individual selves. All you need is love comes to mind, but also a lot of darn hard work, too. It's maddening to think thousands of couples are being denied the right to legally share their lives with their partners based on someone else's principles. Life is hard enough on its own without having others butting in and dictating how one should live. And whom to love.

Photo by Khalid Hammed

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