Summer Reading

My life has become all about books since I started working at the library three months ago. I leave work after each shift with no less than three or four or more books - subjects I want to know about (the lives of Chinese factory workers), need to know about (health, digital video editing), and all those classics (Dave Eggers and Alan Watts) that I wished I had read as a dumb twentysomething.

I'm physically bringing my work home with me. It took just over a month to hit the 50 item check out limit. My dining room table is buried. It's as if I'm at the library even on my days off.

In the interest of having a clean house, however, I need to stop hoarding soon. But for now, I'll continue to alternate between my two checked out copies (print and audio) of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (book discussion at the end of the month) and then onto whatever next awaits me.

A brand new book I just finished (and returned) and highly recommend is Peter (son of Warren) Buffett's Life is What You Make It. Not only can you judge this book by its crisp little cover, but the title pretty much sums it up while the book itself gives you the common sense to actually follow through and make it happen. Whatever your particular "it" might be.

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